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Do you use a computer? How often?

Survey 2009: Croatia, Pilar Institute, n = 4007



Some of the results from this study were compared with the findings of previous surveys conducted by the Institute (surveys from 2005, Pilar barometer of 2008 and 2009). All the studies were conducted on independent, equivalent selected representative samples of the adult population.
In addition, some findings are compared with the results of international research, the European Social Survey (ESS) and the World Values Survey (WVS). Details of the participating countries, samples, content and conduct of the study can be found on their websites (ESS, WVS), that allow online analysis.
For comparisons on this website, results from EU member states that participated in the ESS twice were selected; in 2010 (22 countries, including Croatia, conducted by the Pilar Institute) and in 2012 (21 countries, with results from Pilar’s 2014 barometer. In 2012, the Institute could not participate due to financial reasons). In the last round (2010-2014), nine EU member states (excluding Croatia) participated in the WVS and their results have also been compared with the results of Pilar’s 2014 barometer.


Do you use a computer? How often?